Interview with Dr. Christina, a Cellular + Molecular Biologist on Post Vaccine Protocol for Detox and Healing

Today I had the privilege to sit down with my favorite nootropic drink and talk Dr. Christina Parks, who received her Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Biology from the University of Michigan in 1999, on how we can detox and heal from vaccine injury, especially the Covid experimental MRNA vaccine.

The topic of detox is more important than ever as we start to see the travesty and impact the mrna experimental vaccine and vaccines in general have had on our society. As, of right now, “Unkown Causes” is the leading cause of death in Alberta, Canada and we have article after article coming out of mainstream news outlets desperately trying to cover their tracks or insult our intelligence by warning us of the dangers of cold shower and how it can cause heart attacks in the “young, fit and healthy”. You’ll also find articles on the dangers of too much exercise, gardening and yes, even “joy“. Not only does this defy common sense, but cold showers and ice plunges are actually incredible for cell autophagy, sirtuin production and NAD in the similar way as intermittent fasting. On the positive side the insanity and lies are becoming glaringly obvious to an increasing amount of people. There is also a paradigm shift in natural health and wellness. It’s exciting and it’s simple.

When scientific discoveries are made, the doctors are about 20 years behind the research and then, the public is about another 20 years behind. Science is showing more and more how miraculous and self-healing design of the body. “There is a whole system within us that prevents damage, evokes health and detoxes”, says Dr. Christina. This system has a master gene in charge of it called Nrf2. This particular Nrf2 activation has been about 50 years in the making, and then finally came together in 2003. In 2005 ABC did a compelling investigative report on this NRF2, which is the most scientifically backed nrf2 activator. That report gained the attention of institutions like John Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, American Heart Association to name a few and each did their own independent studies that are now published on Fast forward to 2022 and there are 28 independent studies, and the marketing has gone from brick and mortar to a person-to-person model. It’s still so far ahead of it’s time that most health professionals still don’t know about it.

Dr. Christina, did her graduate research in the field of cytokine signaling, with a focus on gene regulation and has spent many years studying the biochemistry of how vaccines and pharmaceuticals change our gene expression and biochemical pathways that are essential to our health and wellbeing. In her research Dr. Christina came across Nrf2, the master detox and healing pathway and wondered to herself if there could possibly be a way to switch it on. 3 months later, by Divine providence, a student came to her with a Nrf2 product and wanted to know her thoughts on it! Dr. Christina has not looked back and feels a moral obligation to tell people about the power of activating their Nrf2 pathway with this specific combination of just 5 herbs. This all-natural herbal compound regulates gene expression and bring it back into harmony.

Dr. Christina’s focus today is on supporting the body in activating its natural detoxification and healing pathways through bringing signaling pathways back into balance.  While this sounds like a mouthful of science, it is much easier to understand when we think of an old out of tune piano being masterfully fine-tuned by a skilled piano tuner. The job in our own body is far more complex but unlike a piano the body has a built-in system that does that all of that for us! That system is Nrf2 and it exists in every cell in our body and every single mammal on the planet. So, even our four-legged friends.

Dr. Parks recommends activating this the Nrf2 pathway as well as a vitamin D source, magnesium and zinc. We spoke about taking these in their most natural form – so for example, fish oil for Vitamin D. We discuss the importance of the synergy and dosage of supplementing vitamin D and zinc. Using the wrong dosage can throw off the body and too much of one can negate the other. Daily Wellness, is a product that already is combined in the perfect amounts for daily dosage in biologically relevant amounts zinc, elderberry, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and gluten-free fermented yeast extract (a post-biotic). for what it needs to do in the body!

Dr. Christina recommends taking an antihistamine as a short-term solution if the body has a high inflammatory and allergic reaction. Again, if taken, it should be short term and then special care should be taken to address gut health.